onsdag, februari 22, 2006

Hands up!

Från Suspect Paki:

Hands up if you've seen the latest pictures confirming what we already knew about the abuse by Americans in Abu Ghraib.

Hands up if it was your sister, daughter, mother being forced to bare her breasts for an American camera, if you'd be quiet about it.

Hands up if you still think the West has the moral high ground?

Hands up if you think the timing of the release of these images on the back of other anti-Islamic garbage was "serendipitous"?

Hands up if you think the war in Iraq is a just war.

Hands up if you deny the rights of Iraqis to defend their country against evil.

Hands up if you think a war to end all wars could result from this?

Hands up if you really believe that America is not heading for the dustbin of empire?

Hur många "liberaler" viftar just nu med händerna?

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Blogger ashling said...

im so sorry
im ashamed to be from the west
i hope we can all work together for peace

... i put my hand up with you

peace love art & kindess


12:16 em  

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